Is there a thing like instant loans or cash loans?

Instant Cash Loans

When looking for a loan online one always want the process to be completed instantly, as with most things in today's, day and age, we seem to have lost the ability to be patient. When you search online you will find many loan companies that promises instant loans, but is there really a thing such as an instant loan?

To be direct it is impossible for a lender to offer instant loans, as there is always checks that needs to be completed, and these checks are in place to protect you as consumer and to estimate your ability to be able to take and repay the loan. Here at Mr Cash Loans, we will not make any promises, that will satisfy your need to have an instant loan, as we know that most loans normally complete within a day, sometimes more.

We support responsible lending, which means that yes, all the credit providers that we deal with is registered with the NCR, and also, it means that yes, your credit record will be checked and yes, an affordability assessment will be done, as our aim is not to get you into a credit spiral, by just getting your credit without knowing that you have the ability to repay the loan and cost involved.

What to expect when you apply for a cash loan with us:

Once you have applied online a credit check will be conducted, after which, one of our agents will get back into contact with you. You will be asked for your supporting documents, which can be scanned and emailed to us. After that a full affordability assessment and employment confirmation will be conducted, by the service provider's credit assessment team. Should you pass these checks your loan will be approved and pay into your banking account.

Some basics to always consider before applying:

You need to be permanently employed for at least 6 month with the company you are currently at,

you also need to get your salary into your own bank account,

If you are under debt review, or adminstration or sequestration, we will not be able to assist you.

If you credit record is not that good, you can apply but just by applying we do not gaurantee that your loan application will be sucessful as your credit record is a indication of your previous credit behaviour and all credit providers will consider that.