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What you need to know about online loans.

Cash loans also known as online loans or online cash loans is a term that is used to describe, fast loans that can be obtained online, with no need for you to do any branch visits.

Most credit providers offers these types of loans nowadays and you can easily and coveniently apply for one of these, any time, any where, by just completing an online application form.


Some loan companies will promise you instant cash or a instant loan,

but in most cases a loan aplication takes a day or two to process as all credit providers need to adhere to the NCR(National Credit Regulator). Normally during that time your credit risk profile will be checked as well as your affordability will be verified. That is why we will request certian documents from you, for verification purposes. (You can scan and email the documents to us, as we do not need your original documents for loan approval.)

Completing an online loan application on the internet is quick and simple and once all the checks are completed and your loan is approved,  you can normally have the loan in your banking account within hours.

Please note our Basic Criteria and Required documentsfor a online loan.

Just some of the basics: You need be permanently employed for more than 6 months, you also need to be older that 18 and younger than 60, with your own bank account, that your salary gets deposited into and you need to have access to email and your own cellphone number.