Personal cash loans for blacklisted

Easy Personal Loans Online

Our goal at Mr Cash Loans is to provide you with access to personal loans online in a timely manner.

We are here to help with unexpected and planned financial events. Whether you would like to consolidate your debt, or just want a quick personal loan to help with a financial emergency, we understand.

Our loan service providers, offers predictable monthly payments, competitive loan cost and interest rates and what is more they will consider your loan application even if your credit is less than perfect.

An unsecured personal loan could be a good option, depending on how much money you need, personal loans can be more beneficial than some other types of financing. You do not need to provide collateral for an unsecured personal loan to back the money that you borrowed, therefore the interest rates, loan amount, and term of the loan will vary depending on your credit rating.

Our credit providers have a wide variety of personal loan options, Loan terms available varies from 3, 6,12, 24 up to 60 months.
In the event that you want to pay your loan off early, there is no settlement penalty. Their loan structure is of such a nature that it gets determined by your overall score, which means that yes, they look at your credit record, but also base their decision for your personal loans on far more than just that.

Personal loan applications are often a fast and simple process, and you may find out within a 24-hour period whether you qualify for the loan, you will then be asked to send us your required documents. Once the loan is fully approved you will have the funds within hours.

How do I find out whether or not I will qualify for a personal loan, if I am Blacklisted?

The easiest way for you to find out whether you will qualify or not, is to complete our online loan application form and let us assist you through the process. Applying for a loan with us won't cost you anything, it is free, so even if you are unsuccessful the first time, try again within a month or so, as conditions change and applying next month could get you a better answer.


Is there such a thing as "blacklisted"?

The term “blacklisted” is from the past, that was used for negative information on someone’s credit report. It is not used by credit bureaus anymore. It comes from years ago when only negative information was collected by credit bureaus.

Today, credit bureaus include positive as well as negative information about you. Your credit score gets calculated using the data from all your accounts and credit agreements. The higher your score the more likely you will be given credit by a lender. Of course, the opposite also rings true, the lower your score the more likely you are to be turned down.


If you are looking for blacklisted loans or loans for blacklisted, please take note of the following:

Not having a great credit record, means that you are amongst many that are struggling to get loans or credit. While any person may apply with us, not everybody will be approved depending on your credit status and affordability.

With the current economic climate and clampdown on credit, many people are turning to online loans and personal cash loans as a means to help out.


"We know that your time is valuable. Our online form only takes minutes to complete."

We have helped many customers find the loan they need. You can trust us connect you with a trusted credit provider. Should you not qualify, try again in a month or so, as credit scorings change, and you might have better luck then..


Some of the basics that you need to consider before applying is you need to be permanently employed for at least 6 months, you need to have a South African bank account that is in your name where your salary gets transferred into, also you need to be older than 18 and younger than 60. If you are under Debt Review, we will not be able to assist you.



Please take note of our Basic Criteria and Required Documents