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Long Term Loans also know as:
installment loans, personal term loans, long term cash loans

Sometimes you need finance to help cover the cost of a larger purchase, like home renovations, or even car repairs. Long term loans can even be used to consolidate some or all of your smaller credit. For bigger expenses like this a long term loan is more suitable because it usually provides a bigger loan amount with a longer repayment term.


Long term loans are generally for larger amounts than short term loans and are paid off in multiple installments over a longer period of time. Repayment periods for longer term loans can range from 12, 18, 24, 36 up to 60 months, yes, that is right up to 5 years. Depending on your credit rating, long term loans tend to have a repayment period of two to five years (24 to 60 months).


A long-term loan has the benefit of stretching out the repayment schedule, resulting in lower monthly installments. This helps to build or rebuilt you credit score. If your credit profile is not that good, it can be good to first try and take a short term loan, so that your credit score can improve. The downside to long term loans, is that there are extra months of interest charges, potentially resulting in a higher total cost of credit.

Let us assist you in getting a loan term loan, that is flexible, with a repayment schedule that fits you. Once your loan is approved you can have the loan deposited into your banking account either same day or first thing the next morning.

Your range of options for a long term personal loans, will vary depending on your credit status and various other checks that needs to be completed before a loan can be approved. When applying, you may have the chance to decide how much money you want to borrow and how long you would like to pay it back. You should consider these choices carefully. As a rule, you should only borrow as much money as you need, and generally speaking, you should choose the shortest repayment period that will allow you to comfortably make your payments. Though a longer repayment term means smaller installments, you end up paying more overall.

Please note our Basic Criteria and Required documents for a long term loan.